PJ Goes to School

PJ GOES TO SCHOOL (PJGtS) is a program dedicated to enhancing the Jewish content of the classroom. It engages families in conversations about Jewish values by using PJ Library books as a catalyst. Schools receive PJ books, related resource guides, and professional development. PJGtS is in approximately 400 classrooms in fourteen PJ Library communities -- and growing!

PJ Goes to School:

  • Is a values-based Jewish education initiative incorporating PJ books.
  • Enhances the Jewish content of the classroom.
  • Helps build relationships for shared values between families and schools.
  • Engages families in conversations about Jewish values.
  • Provides educators with opportunities for professional development.

PJ Goes to School is not a curriculum, and it is not prescriptive. Rather, PJGtS:

  • Uses, at its foundation, the creativity and spirit of each teacher.
  • Weaves Jewish values throughout each school's existing programs.  
  • Supports schools as they inspire Jewish conversations in the classroom and in the home.

Visit the PJ Goes to School Educator's Center

For more information about this initiative, please contact PJ Goes to School director Lisa Litman at 413-439-1934 or LisaLitman@HGF.org.