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ShabbatHANUKKAH, THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was defiled by the Syrian Greeks in the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah almost always comes in December, when the days are shortest and the nights are darkest.

Hanukkah celebrates liberation from oppression, and reminds us of the importance of freedom of religion. It also teaches us to fight back when people's rights are taken away.

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Hanukkah Books for Children 

Here is a list of Hanukkah-related books sent out by PJ Library either this year or in the past.

  • Review All the Hanukkah-Related Books
  • Hanukkah Resources & Activities

    Below are activity ideas aimed at making Hanukkah more meaningful and fun for the entire family:

  • Dreidel Fun for Hanukkah
    Resources to help your family play with this traditional holiday toy.
  • Eight Ideas for Hanukkah Nights
    Enrich your family's celebration by enjoying activities together as a group.
  • "Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights" provides a brief history of Hanukkah
  • Hanukkah Candle Blessings
    Listen and download the Hanukkah blessings.
  • Hanukkah-Themed Family Nights
    Focus on a different theme or activity each of the eight nights of the holiday.
  • Courage as a Central Hanukkah Theme
    Ideas to inspire Maccabee-like courage in your children.
  • "Hanukkah Crafts Roundup"
    Creative Jewish Mom offers holiday crafting ideas galore!
  • "Hanukkah Songs and Lyrics"
    Listen to these festive songs from
  • "Not Your Mama's Latke" offers "delicious alternatives to the standard potato pancake recipe."
  • Shalom Sesame Does Hanukkah
    Watch videos from our friends at Shalom Sesame singing, playing and learning.
  • Pop Song Parodies for Hanukkah
    Eight spin-offs of popular tunes your children may know.
  • "Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Interfaith Family"
    A variety of ideas for interfaith families to celebrate the season from our friends at
  • Raising Eco-Conscious Children
    Tie in energy conservation to your Hanukkah celebration with eco-conscious activities.
  • Lighting Up the Darkness
    Learn about the role that light plays in other cultures and experiment with light-themed crafts.
  • (Trans) Denominational Resources

    Check out the Hanukkah resources provided by these Jewish organizations and movements:

  • Jewish Outreach Institute
  • Union for Reform Judaism
  • United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
  • Society for Humanistic Judaism
  • Jewish Reconstructionist Communities
  • Orthodox Union
  • Chabad

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